I was very skeptical that SilcSkin Decollette pads could actually work. I’ve had chest lines since I was fairly young from years of sun abuse, being busty and a side sleeper. Lotions & potions and a ton of home remedies I had tried never worked so I figured I’d give this pad a go before I headed in the direction of laser treatments. I have been wearing this almost nightly for a month. If I missed a night I would just wear it for a couple hours in the morning…it did the same job. I was so self conscious about the “old lady lines” on my chest, wearing higher neckline tops throughout the year. Not anymore! Nope!

Now, don’t think this is some magic pad that will “cure” your chest lines. The effects are only temporary. If I missed a night of wearing it I would wake up in the morning with lines again.

A few things you can do to keep this lasting longer….
1. Cleanse the area where you’ll be wearing it. I use a skin toner on cotton balls and allow my chest to dry thoroughly before applying the pad.
2. Be sure you press the pad firmly onto your chest. Gently press the bubbles out and don’t leave any loose edges.
3. Wash it with a soap that doesn’t have lotion in it. Lay it flat to dry – sticky side up – and don’t dry it with a towel or anything. I only wash mine every few days. I don’t cover mine with anything to keep dust off of it like I’ve seen in other reviews and haven’t seemed to lose any stickiness.
4. Don’t stick it back on the “tray” (it’s just a sheet of plastic). That is just making it stick twice as many times. I lay mine on the nightstand sticky side up.

My pad still has a lot of life left in it but I did just order a backup so I’m ready if the original pad quits sticking at any time. I will keep purchasing these as long as they are available and reasonably priced.

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