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I just got my new Beautii Mitt and have used it twice. It is, by far, the best skin product I have ever purchased. The dead, dry skin rolled off as promised and my skin feels baby smooth and soft."     (Shelby ~ NH)


"My skin after one use feels INCREDIBLE!!! I've spent hundreds of dollars on spa treatments and turns out this was all I needed. My skin is bright, smooth and very soft! My stretch marks and cellulite don't even appear as bad as they did before. I can't wait to see the results after a few weeks."    (Sandra ~ NY) 


"Using the Beautii Mitt everyday will give you long lasting results. My skin is visibly fresher and more youthful looking."     (Mary ~ FL)


"I love the Beautii Mitt! I get a spray tan weekly and this Mitt is the only thing that will work to get the old tan off before I go in again for a fresh spray.  My skin is so smooth and soft! Great customer service.  The Beautii Mitt is a must have whether you get spray tans or not."    (Lesley ~ CA)


"The Beautii Mitt exfoliates like crazy! Even if the skin doesn’t come off it still is doing something, I can feel the difference. Helped my self-tanner go on flawlessly too. Shaving is even better.  My skin feels so smooth. I am very happy!  The Beautii Mitt comes with fantastic instructions, so read them.  This is one of those tools you must understand and follow the directions to get maximum benefits!"     (Tiffany ~ TX)


 "I've been using my Beautii Mitt every other day for about two weeks and my skin is the softest it's been in forty years. Believe the reviews – the Beautii Mitt is worth every penny."     (Amy ~ GA)


"I decided to try the Beautii Mitt to help with my self-tanning. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is truly amazing! After a quick hot shower, I tried the mitt and was amazed when my dry, rough skin actually started sloughing and rolling off. The end result, after only one use, was astonishing. Baby soft skin and the best tan application ever."     (Courtney ~ ME)


"Everyone MUST try the Beautii Mitt. It is amazing. I have actually been able to stop using other expensive skin care products by simply using this Mitt weekly."     (Sandria ~ VA)


"Love the Beautii Mitt!! My skin has never been so smooth, soft and fresh! It has helped reduce my pores and blackheads and my legs have never looked better. Great product and really great customer service."     (Kari ~ CA)




My skin has never looked so good. I love it and use it once a week - it works wonders. -Kari O'Donnell


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